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Automatic transcripts, summaries and notes - focus on your conversations, takes care of the rest!

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Plan your meeting efficiently with agenda

Meetings with an agenda are up to 30% more productive. Schedule meetings automatically with an agenda. Tucan helps you structure your meetings and automatically shares them with all participants. Tucan integrates with all calendars.

Record your meeting automatically

Tucan automatically records the conversations with all popular video conferencing platforms and also takes notes for you. Tucan also helps you keep track of your agenda.

Available integrations:


Receive summaries automatically

Within minutes you get automatic meeting transcripts and content summaries.

You can find and download your meeting recordings, transcripts and summaries at any time in Tucan with a simple text search.


(coming soon)

Transcription & Summary

Understanding accents & dialects

Sensitive data - no problem!

We don't believe in multi-tasking. Focus on the conversation. Tucan will take notes for you and create a summary.

Texan, Brit, Aussie or Kiwi - Not all of your conversation partners will speak Standard English. Tucan understands them all.

On request, Tucan can also be installed on-premise and integrates into your work process. Your data never leaves the company.

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