AI assistance from above helps customers streamline conversations such as meetings, interviews and phone calls. Our AI assistant takes care of tedious tasks like taking minutes, saving notes and managing follow-ups so you can focus on the exciting things.

Work smarter, not harder.

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Meeting Management AI

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Automatic transcription


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Customer benefits

- Privacy and data security first (GDPR+)
- Easy integration into existing workflow
- High accuracy (dialects and accents)
- Regular personal support (SaaS)

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Plan your meetings, interviews and calls with

Meetings with a clearly defined agenda are on average 30% more efficient. Plan your conversations with our AI assistant. It can be integrated into various calendars and supports you in structuring your communication.

Bot for automatic recordings and transcriptions

No matter which platform you use: Our bot records all conversational content, identifies central talking points through trigger words and instantly creates transcripts including smart notes and follow-ups.

Analysis editor for AI driven conversational intelligence

Our analysis editor allows you to quickly and intuitively evaluate and process transcripts and meetings notes both semantically and in terms of content. The results can be exported and shared in multiple formats.

Manual notes?

With us, never again!

Slang and dialect?
We understand you!

Sensitive data?
With us, safety first!

Multitasking is inefficient, as is taking your minutes manually. Our bot automatically creates recordings, transcripts and smart annotations for you.

In real life, most of us don't speak according to the book. No problem: Our AI processes slang, accents and dialects with highest precision.

All data remains in the EU. We operate with our own AI engine and servers in Germany. Upon request, however, can also be installed on premise.

When you no longer see the wood for the trees.

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