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I want automatic notes and summaries for my meetings!

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Save up to 1 day/week through fewer meetings

Significantly fewer meeting participants required

Quickly find all your conversation notes

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Up to 80% time savings thanks to AI

Accurate transcripts in minutes

Editor and export of transcripts

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Slang or dialect? We understand it perfectly.

Sensitive data? They are safe with us.

Fast and accurate - thanks to artificial intelligence

Existing speech recognition was too inaccurate for us: that's why we developed our own AI in German. Because we like to get to the point, we now also have automatic summaries as the market leader in Germany.

Not everyone can or wants to speak by the books. That is why, we developed our AI to understand all kinds of dialects or slang-terms. is not only GDPR-compliant, but can also be installed on-premise and integrated into your internal systems on request. Sensitive data remains within your organisation.

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How long can I test for free?

Wir möchten Ihnen Gelegenheit geben unsere Software gründlich zu testen. Sie haben daher ein Gratiskon-tigent an Freiminuten, mit denen Sie
so lange kostenlos testen können, bis Ihre gratis Minuten verbraucht sind.

Darüber hinaus bekommen Sie dazu noch Bonus-Minuten, wenn Sie Andere zu einladen.

Can I use to create subtitles for audio and video tracks?

Yes, you can create subtitles for your video with Just export your transcript in subtitle format (.srt) and add it to your video using common video editing programs. To do this, please select "Transcribe video and audio files".

Do I need to specify a payment method during registration?

No, you do not have to specify any means of payment during the trial period.

Which languages does support?

Yes, is specially designed for collaborative use in administration, research and companies. Any number of collaborators can be added to a company account at no additional cost. It is possible to adapt to the individual work processes in the company with the help of integrations. Furthermore, can be installed on-premise if desired, so that no data leaves your company.

Will I be automatically switched to a paid subscription after my trial ends?

No, our trial phase is completely free of charge and you will not be automatically converted to a paid subscription. Costs are only incurred, if you book the service yourself after your free trial volume ran out.

Is a suitable software for organizations and companies?

Currently, we support German and English with our own powerful algorithms, each targeting local dialects and speech patterns. In addition, our algorithm adapts to your personal language and words. With each improvement, the platform learns and becomes more accurate.

Can be integrated with other systems or cloud services?

Ja, als B2B-Softwareentwickler bieten wir nahtlose Integrationen unserer KI in alle gängigen Content-, Collaboration-, Aufgaben-, Konferenz- und Kundenmanagementsysteme. Auf Wunsch bieten
wir auch API-Services und Integrationen in indi-
viduelle Systeme und Workflows an.


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